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How To Care For Antique Wood Furniture

Antique furniture is always an indicator of the elitism of its owner. Only a true connoisseur of beauty, a person with a delicate taste and a special attitude to life, can choose favor of a thing that is tens, hundreds of years old, preferring it to something new. However, in addition to the joy of possession, the need for careful maintenance of these items is acquired with antique furniture. Therefore, if you are the proud owner of antique furniture or intend to become one, you will not be hurt by our antique care guide:

Rule # 1 Observe the temperature regime.

Most often, speaking of antique furniture, we mean wooden furniture. And wood, like any natural material, can be inconsistent. Optimal temperature conditions for careful storage of solid wood furniture; from + 15C to + 20C, with an air humidity of 50-65%. It is impossible to allow sharp temperature changes, which often occur at the beginning and the heating season. To maintain the correct humidity, the ventilation system should work well in the room. The inflow of fresh air and the balance of optimal temperature and moisture protects the tree from drying out and mold.

Rule # 2 Clarification to the first

The second rule follows from the first rule – and antique furniture must not be installed next to heating appliances. The permissible minimum distance between antiques and, say, a radiator 50 centimeters. Otherwise, the heater will dry out the air, the humidity will drop to 20%, and the furniture will begin to dry out and crack.

Rule # 3 Smooth floor

Antique sideboards should never be placed on uneven surfaces. In extreme cases, place additional spacers under the feet to level the level. This rule especially applies to antique wardrobes and cupboards with movable elements, doors, and drawers. If such furniture stands for a long time on an uneven surface, the doors will begin to warp and sag due to a load of their own weight, and the fasteners will loosen.

Rule # 4 Descendants of Dracula

Antique wooden furniture does not like sunlight at all – from their influence, it burns out and becomes covered with the smallest cracks. Therefore, it is better to protect it from ultraviolet radiation by covering the windows with curtains.

Rule # 5 Excess cargo

Often, antique furniture looks solid and reliable, but don’t forget about its age! Weighty objects placed on its surface will cause irreparable damage to furniture over time. Antique furniture is more of a decorative item, so do not overload it functionally.

Rule # 6 No innovation

When caring for antique furniture, do not use products used for cleaning and polishing modern furniture. Synthetic compounds that are suitable for modern artificial varnishes can easily destroy the protective varnish on antique furniture. Therefore, it would be better to resort to special products designed to care for things “ with a history ” or use folk methods.

Rule # 7 Taking care of your skin

The last rule applies to upholstered furniture. Or rather antique furniture covered with leather. Genuine leather upholstery needs periodic lubrication. The optimum humidity for its preservation is even higher than that of a tree, but this level is uncomfortable for life. Therefore, to protect the skin from cracks and to crumble, it should be wiped with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar (1/2) or even a simple hand cream at least once every couple of months.

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